Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Carried Away This Valentines Day with Some Girls boutique!

Can you believe the first month of 2013 Is almost over?  The holidays seem long behind us and its starting out to be a lovely year.  Speaking of love, Valentines Day is right around the corner.  And whether you are in or out of love, when the universe gives you a color scheme you should take it!  This month has us seeing red-and pink!  Whatever your Valentines day  consists of a hot date,  drinks with your girlfriends or a bottle of wine at home, Some Girls boutique has you covered for all your wardrobe needs.

Here's a peek at our Valentine’s day photo shoot!  We got carried away <literally!> with  a huge bundle of red and pink balloons and a pink flower for our props.  

 We channeled a lovey dovey vibe with help from Allie at MAC Cosmetics for dramatic makeup looks while our very own bunny Lindsay captured every moment! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nail Night at the boutique!

 Fresh nails are the best accessory for yours hands!  Its the best way to express your personality, mood, style and even season!  There are so many new techniques, colors and tools that makes a typical french manicure a thing of the past. Ever spend $$ on a color or nail art you're sick of in 2 days?  Keeping up with your nails can be costly at a salon once or twice a week, so why spend an arm & a leg and pay someone to do your nails when you can learn how to do them just as good yourself?!  Change your nail color as often as you change your mind! 

That being said we would like to introduce our "Nail Night" at Some Girls boutique!  This past Wednesday we invited all bunnies to come for a free nail tutorial to learn how to do some fabby nail art that is taking over all social networking sites!  We focused on a couple of designs that were easy to accaccomplish a fresh and fun look! 
We want to thank everyone who came out for a night of dress up, refreshments and of course, nail therapy!  In case you missed it, here's our how-to to get the look! 
Bunny Nail Night
Start: “clean nails”
·         Remove old polish
·         File
·         Oil & push back    
·         Wash hands

Half Moon:
·         Base color
·         Use color with smaller sized brush to make a half circle near cuticle
·         Fill in
·         Outline
·         Top Coat. 

V Moon
·         Base Color
·         Use color with smaller sized bush & make 2 lines in the shape of a V near cuticle, with tip pointing towards end of nail.
·         Fill in
·         Outline
·         Top Coat.
Diagonal French
·         Base Color
·         Use another color & paint half nail with it. <2 coats if necessary>
·         Outline
·         Top Coat
Dot French
·         Base Coat
·         Choose Color to paint up to half of your nail. <you want enough color to make dots on> <2 coats if necessary>
·         Choose dot color, pour small amount out & use tool provided to drip & create in desired area.
·         Outline the top of your French
·         Top coat.
Bunny Ears
·         Base Coat
·         Use color with smaller sized brush & make 4 swipes in bunny ear pattern <see pic, practice on paper>
·         Use another color with smaller sized brush to fill in bunny ears.
·         Top Coat

A-Dress the Issue of Going From Day to Night

It’s 4:30, and you’re at work.  Your bestie texts you and says that all your girlfriends are meeting up for a much needed drink.  It’s been a long day and an even longer week and you think a night out with the girls, is just the cure, but wait…what are you going to wear?!

Dressing for the job, doesn’t have to be boring.  There are ways to look the part, and look fab doing it!  This calf length dress, for example, is work appropriate, yet cute enough that a few alterations can take you from the office to a night out with ease! The Longer length, is all the rage this season, and adding a blazer, like our peplum blazer thats a new twist on a classic look, will leave every coworker envious of your look, and your boss “dress-code” happy!

Now…its time to let your hair down!  Ditching the blazer, and adding a few accessories, like this studded belt, that comes with the dress and adds a touch of rocker-chic to this girly look and a floppy hat, gives your day outfit enough edge to turn some heads!  Slip on a pair of black or nude pumps and you’re ready to go!

Having a few key pieces make for versatile outfits, that keeps your wallet happy and you with a fresh look that can be worn any time day or night!  Hop and shop with the bunnies at Some Girls boutique for all your wardrobe worries today!